Metalor 1 Kilo Gold Bullion Bar
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Specifications Product overview
Product name:Metalor 1 Kilo Gold Bullion Bar
weight:1000.00 g
Size:117.00mm x9.00mm x52.00mm

Product description


The Metalor Group, founded in 1852, is headquartered in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Metalor has provided precious metals refining services and gold bars to the UBS Group since 1918. It has subsidiaries in 15 countries nowadays. As one of the major world suppliers of precious metals, Metalor processes nearly 1000 tons of gold every year, accounting for 20% of the global processing volume. It is one of the precious metals accreditation authorities nominated by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM). The gold bars produced by Metalor are accepted by major trading markets including Swiss National Bank, London Bullion Market Association, New York Mercantile Exchange and Shanghai Gold Exchange.


The product produced by Metalor is a gold bar of 1000g processed with traditional Swiss technology. It complies with the agreed circulation standards of London market.


Product advantages


1. Global brand: Metalor's global factories adopt Swiss technologies and standards; the standard gold ingots produced by Metalor are widely accepted by major world trading markets and the branches of Metalor;

2. High quality: Metalor gold bars made of raw materials with a purity of higher than 9999 are suitable for gift giving and collection; each batch is provided with corresponding testing reports;


3. Super anti-counterfeiting performance: Metalor is the first to apply the laser anti-counterfeiting technology to the processing of gold bar for the uniqueness of each product; by the application of traditional casting process, the gold bar is provided with natural and unique stripes, and it is free of any indentation and convenient for accreditation and management;


4. Investment function: the circulation code allows maximum availability of product and convenient sales and repurchase services;


5. Approved for IRA investment





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