• London gold: 2029.28 +0.77%
  • HongKong gold: 18829
  • Shanghai gold: 401.57 -0.55
Customer service

price description

1. When you place an order by phone call or the online platform, we will send you an order confirmation e-mail detailing the item selected by you and the locked price.


2. It means that you have signed a binding agreement with us after you purchase the item and place the order. In case of online purchase, the price will be locked when you submit the order. Your order number can be seen on the final order page and in the confirmation e-mail, or inquired through the personal order system.


3. In case of any pricing error due to the fault of online calculator or sudden change of the precious metals market, we reserve the right to finalize the price.


4. Is there any discount for bulk purchase? Please contact the customer service personnel. A discount would be available depending on the purchase volume.

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