• London gold: 2029.28 +0.77%
  • HongKong gold: 18829
  • Shanghai gold: 401.57 -0.55
Customer service


We will repurchase your gold with the highest price, the lowest shipping fee and the most convenient settlement.


Please fill in the form on the right side to learn the real-time quotation of products and transport.

Upon approval, we will contact you. After the transaction is confirmed,

we will send you the pickup code of the nominated security and logistics company.

Alternatively, you can deliver the gold by yourself to the refinery nominated by MAGNATE.

We will pay the money immediately after checking and verifying your gold.

Unique advantages


Quick response

We will complete the checking and make payment within 3 working days.


Transport support

We have nominated Malca-Amit, Brinks and G4s as our transport agencies to provide transport services in a number of cities through the global logistics system.



We have shared and implemented the corporate value of “Integrity is Our Greatest Asset” in the business career of more than 10 years.


Fair pricing

We offer fair prices based on the real-time prices of LBMA. The price will be locked when you place an order by phone call.


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